How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

For years I didn’t eat eggs. I was a strict vegetarian and rarely bought them. Then, as organic and free-range eggs became more readily available, I relented, and eggs are now a regular part of my diet. Scrambled eggs are a favorite of mine and a great way to eat eggs during treatment. They were a favorite breakfast during chemo, and still are today. This video shows you how to make perfect scrambled eggs, soft, creamy and delicious. It uses whole milk and butter, so three eggs are plenty for two people. Traditionally scrambled eggs are made with milk, but when I want a richer dish, instead of using cream as the French do, or I make them with delicious plain Greek yogurt. I like to grate a little nutmeg into them too, probably because that’s how my mom used to make them. At lunchtime, I add some chopped chives and a handful of chopped herbs, like chervil, fresh basil, or even some cilantro, which I find delicious with eggs. Look and learn!

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