Moules Mariniere

Mussels are loaded with good nutrition for very few calories. They are usually restaurant food, which is a shame, not just because they are inexpensive and very easy to cook, but because they are also rich in minerals such as selenium, potassium and iron, and in B vitamins, especially B12. These are all things our bodies need to stay healthy but that are hard to get in quantity from plant sources. Ounce for ounce, mussels have more of these nutrients than steak! Super fast and super delicious, Moules Marinière is a very French, very traditional way to cook mussels. In my opinion it is the best and easiest way to start a great relationship with these molluscs. The tomato is a good addition in the summertime, but this dish is better than good with or without them. With some crisp fresh bread to soak up the juices (or some oven fries), and a crunchy green salad tossed with our Mustard Vinaigrette, you’re all set.

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Moules Mariniere
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