When Life Gives You Lemons

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Eggs and lemon are what make Avgolemono, the most celebrated of Greek soups, both elegant and nourishing. Protein-packed from the eggs and tangy from the lemon, the soothing broth is an iconic dish of the Greek isles. Traditionally, it is made by mothers and grandmothers to keep their families healthy, or to heal whatever might ail their brood.

This simple, light, and nourishing soup would be beneficial to eat during treatment, and perfect for days you might be feeling tired or depleted. It’s is a sunnier, more streamlined version of the chicken noodle soup you might have grown up with, plus the bite of lemon could serve to brighten a palate impacted by chemo. In addition to enhancing the flavor, lemon is a great source of the antioxidant vitamin C.

Though Avgolemono is a Greek classic, similar dishes can be found throughout the Mediterranean. In addition to its comforting appeal, the soup is loved for its versatility. Like most cultures’ versions of chicken soup, the recipe can be adapted depending on personal preference or what’s in the cupboard. The soup usually begins with chicken broth, though vegetable or other stocks can be used as well. The broth gets its bulk from rice, orzo, or another small pasta. Using brown rice, a whole grain pasta, or quinoa will lend the soup added fiber and nutritional benefits.

Ready for some Mediterranean comfort food? Start simmering up your pot of this Greek classic now!

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