Ann’s Top Three Favorite Recipes

Spicy Pasta With Kale & Almonds

When users first come to our site, the amount of recipes we have can be overwhelming. We have over 1,100 recipes, which span all meals. We also have specific meals for holidays, food preferences, dietary restrictions and more…phew! Given this huge volume of information, I’m often asked what my favorite recipes are, my go-to’s for anyone looking for a tasty meal.

It’s so hard for me to pick out three top recipes from the site as I like different things at different times. That being said, I think these three recipes sum up the character of the site. They are great for anyone going through cancer treatment, or for survivors needing to improve their diet as they move into the next stage of their lives. These recipes are also delicious in their own right. This is not eating for a sick person – it’s eating wonderful, healthy foods which satisfy and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

#1 Chicken Pot au Feu

chicken pot au feu

This is my number one. My friends call it ‘Miracle Chicken’ because it does wonders for how you feel.  It saved me during chemo. To this day, if I’m feeling under the weather, this is what I make. It is basically nourishing, low-fat food that is easy to make and amazingly tasty. The trick is to poach the dish slowly. I use chicken on the bone for extra flavor, but you can use boneless for less mess.

#2 Spicy Pasta with Kale and Almonds

Spicy Pasta With Kale & Almonds

This speaks to my Italian side, an easy weeknight dinner that is packed with nutrients. The spice in this dinner is also great to wake up the taste buds if you are going through chemotherapy.  It’s a great way to use kale, one of the most powerful antioxidant, cancer-fighting greens out there. Tomatoes add lycopene, while almonds add amygdalin, two more cancer fighters. It’s yummy. I always keep blanched kale in my freezer to be able to make it.

#3 Fall Vegetable Soup with Spicy Gremolata

This easy golden soup is the best way I know to eat your 5 veggies a day, plus it gets a delicious kick of fresh flavor at the end from the addition of lemony gremolata, another great freezer item.  This soup is a healthy survivorship must, yet simple enough to eat when you don’t feel well. It couldn’t be easier, it’s just vegetables, herbs and water, and once the prep is done, there’s really not much cooking to do at all. As a bonus, it freezes well, so you can always cook extra to freeze for days where you don’t want to cook. 

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